Store fleet data from anywhere anytime one place

Due to software integration, it’s easy to secure the connection between different software tools which allows us to fetch data from different sources and assemble/accumulate them in one place. Through Dreamzfleet you can collect all the relevant data and take action, analyze, and create report s on— fuel cards, GPS/telematics devices, maintenance shops and more

Connect directly with your trusted suppliers and manufacturers to manage the external repair orders and approvals

Make faster effective approvals with an electronic repair order system

Allow drivers to take quick action against vehicle repair by locating and finding a shop that they can trust from the Shop Directory and avail the exclusive discounts which in result minimize vehicle downtime to get back on the road faster. You can handle the approval electronically via auto-approval policies for trusted shops.

Automatically store and capture the service and maintenance data

The Dreamzfleet automatically records and stores all the costs from external repair orders while eliminating the backlog of repair invoices that need data/information inputting. The driver can submit/upload a repair order and get an electronic approval which helps the driver and vehicle to get back on the road while reducing the downtime

Large scale open network of maintenance & service providers

Share the trusted Shop Directories with the driver so that they can do the maintenance and repair services whenever required and at the same upload the invoices for auto-approval electronically, which will reduce the vehicle downtime and maintenance costs and gain insights into your maintenance spend with the Maintenance Shop Integration

Better clarity and boost daily workflows by connecting your existing telematics hardware

Adaptable/flexible with an ever-growing list of providers

Connect the existing GPS hardware to Dreamzfleet, which will automatically capture telematics data results like fuel theft, fuel consumption, incidents raised, diagnostic alerts, etc. which will make it easier to make decisions and respond quickly to vehicle issues

Schedules and set reminders to triggers preventative maintenance

Keep and stay updated on the regular services and odometer readings such as oil changes, engine check-ups, wheel alignments, brakes and more to keep preventative
maintenance activities on track and organized. Dreamzfleet automatically forecasts and notify the due date of a vehicle that needs service or maintenance based on the daily average usage of vehicles

Capture and report issues and defects immediately as soon as discovered

Dreamzfleet automatically pulls in open issues, diagnostic trouble codes (DTC), engine faults, and defects from your external DVIRs automatically. It can also track the whole in-house maintenance processes of work performed from issue discovery to complete repair. While the repair and work orders are automatically recorded in the account which will help you in calculating the average issue-resolving time and trace the high
maintenance assets to help you operate more efficiently

Other Integrations

Never miss alerts for new safety recalls

Create issues directly from the notifications and minimize the wait time to get a dealer before significant delays occur. You can view and track the recalls maintenance processes and get a detailed history of vehicle maintenance.

Capture 90+ vehicle specs automatically

With VIN decoder integration enabled you can get and automatically get all your vehicle details and let the form pre-populate for you – dimensions, weight, payload, fluid and capacity levels and so much more.