Dreamzfleet helps in automatic management of equipment and construction operations to reduce asset downtime, lower fuel costs and ensure compliance. You can plan, schedule and manage the maintenance cost of the assets like fuel, depreciation, expenses, payments, insurance, etc. and get all your fleet information in one place. Dreamzfleet automatically calculates the fuel metrics to track your asset’s fuel efficiency, costs and prevent fuel theft.


Dreamzfleet helps you in providing better solutions which allow you to seamlessly track and monitor the spending of fleet vehicles by reducing risk and improving driver safety when transporting people, especially students. Keeps you updated whenever vehicles require more maintenance which is important to keep vehicles safely operating and stay connected with the road

Food & Beverage

For Food & Beverage industry vehicle breakdowns are not an option so deliveries must remain on schedule. You can easily track the operations through mobile app-based inspections and where your drivers always are and the status of your vehicles. Fuel is the highest and most frequent expense in any food and beverage logistics fleets


Dreamzfleet helps you to serve the public better while automatically collecting data to unlock powerful insight into asset health and calculate the true cost of running your fleet. It helps in storing, managing, minimizing and tracking the vehicles expenses, repair, maintenance, fuel, issues, equipment details, etc. Fetch the stored information from anywhere anytime when you need it.
Increase the lifespan of the assets by monitoring how you use your vehicles and equipment


Dreamzfleet helps in creating digital workflows to instantly report vehicle issues and accelerate the issue resolving time as fleet operations for manufacturing industries are a
bit complex as vehicle and equipment downtime causes delays in projects and failure. You can track and monitor the inventory/stocks to have the updates of parts needed
on-site and maintenance history to track the cost for your equipment and vehicles across all locations. Schedule and set reminders dates for services/maintenance so that
you don’t miss future deadlines.

Oil, Gas & Mining

The job in these industries has challenges like remote work location, maintenance, equipment reports, fuel consumption, etc. Create customized and electronic inspections that will keep the maintenance history for your equipment and vehicles across all locations and in result will not affect operating costs. Share only the required information with your drivers and ask them to fill in the inspection forms in the field and upload to Dreamzfleet whenever web access is available so that everyone is on
the same page in regards to fleet status Increase the lifespan of the assets by monitoring how you use your vehicles and equipment

Service Providers

Dreamzfleet helps you to serve your customers better by ensuring your fleet stays on the move as it helps in reducing the vehicle operating costs and saves time in outsource maintenance via auto-approval electronically.
The drivers can log and record the service automatically by updating the complete repair orders and detailed information to increase transparency among everyone while allowing you to pay only for work/maintenance/repair that is approved and avoid the


With Dreamzfleet guarantee uptime and safety for your fleet. Reduce the time spent in completing the vehicle inspection forms and increase driver responsibility. You can seamlessly perform customized vehicle inspections from anywhere anytime while creating maintenance schedules and service reminders to proactively maintain your fleet. Trace or get real-time insights into any suspicious activities in fuel spending and increase the maintenance management capabilities


The biggest challenges in this job are weighing, inspections, maintenance, fuel costs, etc. by using Dreamzfleet you can mobilize your trucking fleet with better fuel cost control, productivity enhancements, driver management capabilities, etc. It also ensures all the vehicles are safe and properly maintained which can be difficult when fleet vehicles are constantly on the move covering long distances.


Managing your utility fleet is complex but managers lack true visibility into their day-to-day operations which helps in making uniform decisions regarding the fleets.
Dreamzfleet automatically collects the data like fuel purchases and key metrics like cost per mile to spend wisely and avoid overcharges. You can quickly inspect the vehicle issues as soon as they arrive with avoiding failure in workflows.

Waste Management

Dreamzfleet helps you to go paperless by reducing the time spent on paperwork for repair or maintenance works with the customizable, electronic inspection forms to
complete and submit pre- and post-trip inspections results right at the vehicle from anywhere anytime. It will also help you to forecast the service schedules to improve
maintenance planning so that you can stay alert and active

Vehicle Leasing

In this industry it is difficult to keep up with the status of vehicles constantly trading and maintenance tasks as the job has a lot of moving parts and with Dreamzfleet you
can store anything and everything from fuel card integration, telematics integration, flexible API, etc. all in one place. It also enables your drivers to submit electronic inspection forms from anywhere and you get an immediate update on the vehicle’s status in real-time