Amplify your fleet maintenance process and stay connected with the road

Automatically get notifications for find bride scam precautionary maintenance reminders, DVIR defects, engine faults and recalls. Efficiently find bride scam track and resolve issues for ongoing in-house and outsourced maintenance and report on compliance, productivity, and costs.

Automated Maintenance Notification

With automatic notifications of safety, operations and compliance, get updates of an asset that needs to be service or fix.

Create and schedule automate preventative maintenance (PM) based on the manufacturer recommendations

Automatically get and create simplified PM intervals from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and customize the service tasks, intervals and due soon threshold based on vehicle utilization while applying it to one or many vehicles from anywhere.

Upgrade and improve your vehicle inspection process

Through the mobile app Leverage digital inspections (DVIRs), automatically update and get notifications of the issues and compliant when inspection items fail.
The electronic inspections help in switching from paper to electronic inspection report forms anytime, anywhere which saves and enhances the

Respond to issues as soon as they appear and record every detail.

Allow the operators to request and report the repairs from the field and bundle up the inspection defects to help you address the issue before it affects day-to-day operations.
Coordinate and take action immediately to track resolution while maintaining a complete audit trail to help you operate more efficiently.

Outsourced Maintenance

Through outsourced maintenance effectively handle and stay connected to resolve and reset reminders and issues

Go paperless and increase visibility through electronic inspections

Keep a track of all the services, repair orders, costs, and report history by attaching PDFs, photos and documents for every single vehicle in one centralized place while minimizing the downtime for next time survey.

Automatically save time with electronic repair order review and reminders when completed service is entered.

Increase transparency and avoid overcharges and surprise bills

With the help of electronic inspections, you can review repair orders at the line-item level. There is a full-service transparency and clarity form so that you can automatically track operational data and pay for the work that is approved to avoid overcharges. Uploaded detailed invoices and documents helps in providing full clarity into your maintenance costs.

Stay connected with the suppliers/manufacturer in a growing network to get attractive discounts

Save time and money by effectively negotiating with the past suppliers and manufacturers over the supplies or parts. Get automate order repair reviews with custom approval and rejection rules.

In-house Maintenance

From issue creation to resolution, efficiently track labor, parts and inventory

From ongoing or past in-house maintenance and services- plan, schedule and perform effectively

Plan, schedule and perform maintenance and repairs actions with electronic inspections work orders. Add reported vehicle issues, scheduled service tasks and detailed items with ease from anywhere and start work immediately. Keep your entire team from managers to technicians to drivers connected with complete transparency work orders and allocated

Track, manage and purchase parts, supplies and inventory with ease

Effectively manage the purchasing approval and receiving in one centralized system in order to keep the inventory organized and simple. Use your old record order history and compare the supplier’s prices to help you make a purchase decision and manage the multiple storage locations and track down to the aisle, row, and bin

Fleet Maintenance Reporting

With a strong reporting system analyze and improve your fleet maintenance process

Obtain an overview of how your assets are being maintained

View and report the operating cost of the individual service data for your assets to help optimize the allocation and financial forecasting. Track the service tasks, line items, parts and labor with ease and see how much your assets cost to maintain. Keep track of the usage of each and every vehicle so that you can adjust them on the fly and make the proper use of your vehicles and equipment for the long run on the road

Track and set service schedules to reduce breakdowns with Service Program show(maintenance due date)

Set a Service Reminder for things like oil change, in-house maintenance, wheel rotations, vehicle follow-ups and many more. You will also get notification whenever a vehicle requires the service and regular inspections which is going to keep you organized and alerts from the upcoming vehicle halts. Whether you are outsourcing or conducting in-house maintenance, we ensure all your fleet’s information stays up to date

Control and understand the expenses of owning and operating vehicles

Understand, track and report on all expenses(fuel, supplies, loan, taxes and many more) along with the operating costs to get the overall financial picture of vehicle ownership and ensure that the assets remain profitable and create more efficiencies