One stop solution
for all your fleet management needs

Manage everything affecting your fleet assets


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Track & Trace for every assets

Asset Management
Fuel Management
VIN Decoding
Vehicle Assignment
Vehicle Location History
Fleet Operation Reports
Cost Calculation and Reports


Automation Maintenance

Issue Managements
Work Orders
Maintenance Vendor Network
Parts and Inventory
Purchase Orders
Service History


Integrated Systems

Telematics Integration
Contact Management
Roles and Permissions

Track and manage every detail about your vehicles and equipment

Asset Management

Allows you to manage and track your entire vehicle equipment, inventory, reports, maintenance, operations and costs in a smarter way in one place.

Fuel Management

Helps to monitor and optimize fuel usage by sharing fuel insight. It also reduces fuel theft and spots the deficiencies by identifying high consumption vehicles.

VIN Decoding

Retrieve and automatically update the required information about your vehicles like dimensions, weight, payload, fluids, capacity levels and many more which helps in saving
your time. You can also get your maintenance schedule reports.

Vehicle Assignments

Schedule and manage(add, edit or updates) the assignments against your vehicles & drivers. While the drivers will automatically get notified of assignments.

Vehicle Location History

Track and check the last location of any vehicle based on fuel consumption, service, and GPS tracking integrations on their daily activities

Fleet Operations Reports

Fetch important fleet insight reports of maintenance and operations. Track your vehicles and equipment usage through assignment history and audit trails

Total Cost of Ownership

Understand and make decisions on asset acquisition and replacement. Control and manage the expenses (fuel, payments, insurance, maintenance, incidentals, supplies,
etc.) with insight reports of total spend for each of your assets.

Automatic maintenance triggers, handle service and resolve issues

Preventative Maintenance Scheduling

Get regular updates prior to the due date of service items such as oil changes, wheel alignments, brakes and more to increase efficiency and maximize vehicle uptime/lifetime.


Inspect the issue available on your computer, tablet or smartphone to help you track the inspections process end-to-end. Unlike paper, manage and report defects electronically and inspection reports anytime, anywhere.

Recalls Alert

No more wait for emails from the manufacturer, get alerts and notifications instantly and take advantage to repair quickly. Measure, track and minimize the downtime against the maintenance activities for every vehicle.

Issue Management

Report, record and respond vehicle issues on the spot, while tracking action immediately with every detail/update of resolution can be linked with one click.

Work Orders

Efficiently track, plan, schedule and carry out detailed maintenance work orders, tasks, and costs analysis of service for your assets.

Parts & Inventory

Track fleet parts and supplies with ease using the inventory system and barcode scanning app. Reduce unnecessary inventory costs by avoiding unnecessary purchasing or storing of parts/supplies

Purchase Orders

You can save time and money by effectively negotiating with suppliers over the supplies/parts by tracking each order price from the past vendor, gives you instant
visibility into pricing trends and history

Service History

Store, organize and view complete service history records for every asset including ongoing in-house and outsourced maintenance from anywhere at any time.

Merge with other systems and collaborate with your team

GPS & Telematics Integration

Connect and manage existing GPS hardware and engine faults to easily resolve the failed inspection. With preventative maintenance and quick response, it is easier to automatically capture telematics data

Contact Management

Manage and store anything(work orders, service entries, fuel records, daily inspections and many more) and every information and documents that will help you keep track of who is interacting with your assets and how

Roles and Permissions System

Create and update job-related roles conducting inspections or creating work orders and when a role’s permission(who can edit, delete, view records & more) update anyone with that role is immediately affected