Can I use Dreamzfleet outside the U.S.?

In this global economy, it is very important and common for business operations to spread and reach multiple regions, bound by complex reporting requirements. Dreamzfleet offers various settings to simplify the complexity of global operations.

System of measurement (Imperial versus Metric)
Time zone settings (configured for each user)
Time format settings (12-hour versus 24-hour)
Date format settings (e.g. month/day/year versus day/month/year)
Currency settings (most major currencies are supported)


Which browsers does Dreamzfleet support?

Dreamzfleet works best on the latest updated browsers. We also support Internet Explorer 11 and higher, Firefox 43 and higher, Safari 5.1 and higher, Chrome 22 and higher and Microsoft Edge.


Is there a mobile app for Dreamzfleet?

Yes, there is a mobile app and the Dreamzfleet app gives you the power to hold and manage your fleet while on-the-go. You can easily view and update vehicle details, record fuel transactions and service entries, submit electronic inspections and many more things.

Both mobile apps are available on iOS and Android and are free to Dreamzfleet users!


How often do you release updates?

Regularly on a daily basis, we release updates which include small tweaks and bug fixes, and larger updates are done every week or two. You know the best part is there’s nothing to install, no effort on your part, and no intervention to your operations/works. We handle all the updates, hosting and other IT headaches you can use the Dreamzfleet system with a smile and ease.

We will keep you informed about the new features and releases through in-app announcements/notification and call-outs, through the Weekly Alignment (our consolidated product email newsletter) and blog posts.


Subscription and billing

Which credit cards do you accept?

Visa, MasterCard, Discover and AMEX


Can you send us an invoice so we can pay by check?

Sure, but you will have to clear and pre-pay a full year service. And the good news is that you will receive a discount for purchasing an annual plan. Email


Can I use Dreamzfleet for personal vehicles?

Absolutely yes! Anyone looking for a good way to track cars, trucks, ATVs, boats, or personal types of equipment are welcome to use Dreamzfleet.


Accounts and Users

What is the difference between an Account, a Contact and a User?

The Dreamzfleet Account holds the records of data which include your Vehicle List, Parts & Inventory, Contacts, etc. and configuration of various organization settings. Each of the Dreamzfleet Account is separate from a billing perspective as each has its own billing information.

A Dreamzfleet Contact is a bunch of store information for any individual whom you have either employed or did business with. 

A user has the ability to log in and “use” the Dreamzfleet account. But a Contact can never get access to the Dreamzfleet Account.

Basically these records include all of the basic information as Contacts, and they are much more powerful.


How do permissions work? Can I control access to my data?

Yes, you can control the access to your data with the help of a customizable Dreamzfleet permission & role system with a record set.

In the permission system, you can control which users should have access to what data in your account.

While in the Roles system you can control what and which user can take actions, and in Record Sets you can control which data records (Vehicles, Parts, and Contacts) a User can view.